Comic Girl Coffee & Books

Comic Girl SmWe are a queer lead co-op; employee owned and operated. Our mission is to provide an inclusive space for marginalized people. Our staff volunteer their time and talents to run and maintain the shop. Our focus is on maintaining a safe space for marginalized people. We maintain a “Pay It Forward” board and a “Pay What You Want” section of donated books in order to assist the financially disadvantaged in our communities, and our proceeds fund programs and events to help further meet the varied needs of all suffering from oppression and marginalization.

1224 Commercial Ave, Charlotte, NC
(704) 456-9276

 Transcend Charlotte

transcend smTranscend Charlotte is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote authenticity, connection, and social justice for transgender individuals and all people impacted by oppression and/or trauma. We want to build safe, person-centered, and trauma informed space and communities that foster truth and value each person’s journey, needs, and desires. We hope to educate individuals, groups, agencies, and communities on topics misunderstood by the majority culture as well as provide support groups, basic needs services such as our TransCloset (click here to request an appointment), referral services in building a strong network with other providers, and host events to build community bonds. We do this in hopes of reducing isolation, suicide rates, homelessness, and other poor outcomes for those struggling because of their minority status or traumatic experiences.

3800 Monroe Road, Suite B, Charlotte, NC
(704) 980-8509

VHA Salisbury LGBT+ Care Clinic

LGBTHome_button_lgbt The WG Hefner VHA Hospital in Salisbury is home to the main office of the LGBT+ Veterans’ Care Clinic, offering group therapy, individual mental health support, hormone therapy, and other medical services specific to the needs of LGBTQ+ veterans. Satellite clinics are also available in Charlotte and Kernersville.

1601 Brenner Ave, Salisbury, NC
Dr John Hall, Director
(704) 368-9000, Ext 3037
LGBT Veteran Care at