Queer City

Logo_for_PPQueer City Charities is dedicated to uplifting marginalized communities in the Charlotte area. We help connect existing organizations to leverage their individual strengths and reach to better provide safe and sober social, educational, and enrichment opportunities informed and led by the marginalized people themselves. We strive to create events and activities that are accessible and affirming for all people, as we recognize the importance of intersectional approaches to community issues.

Find us at
Ritual Coffee, Tea & Oddities
1224 Commercial Ave, Charlotte, NC

 Transcend Charlotte

transcend smTranscend Charlotte is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote authenticity, connection, and social justice for transgender individuals and all people impacted by oppression and/or trauma. We want to build safe, person-centered, and trauma informed space and communities that foster truth and value each person’s journey, needs, and desires. We hope to educate individuals, groups, agencies, and communities on topics misunderstood by the majority culture as well as provide support groups, basic needs services such as our TransCloset (click here to request an appointment), referral services in building a strong network with other providers, and host events to build community bonds. We do this in hopes of reducing isolation, suicide rates, homelessness, and other poor outcomes for those struggling because of their minority status or traumatic experiences.

3800 Monroe Road, Suite B, Charlotte, NC
(704) 980-8509

VHA Salisbury LGBT+ Care Clinic

LGBTHome_button_lgbt The WG Hefner VHA Hospital in Salisbury is home to the main office of the LGBT+ Veterans’ Care Clinic, offering group therapy, individual mental health support, hormone therapy, and other medical services specific to the needs of LGBTQ+ veterans. Satellite clinics are also available in Charlotte and Kernersville.

1601 Brenner Ave, Salisbury, NC
Dr John Hall, Director
(704) 368-9000, Ext 3037
LGBT Veteran Care at