Queer City

Comic Girl Coffee organizes 501c3 Non-profit

I wanted to share the news that just came out from the folx over at Comic Girl. Below is their recent press release.

It’s been a year since our founder, Lara Americo, started Comic Girl Coffee, and we’ve been through some changes. While we want to celebrate that year with the community that we exist for and that keeps us going (and we will, with Specials all through September and a crazy party), we also want to announce our biggest change yet.

Comic Girl Coffee & Books is now part of our new 501c3 non-profit organization, Comic Girl Charities. This means you can now make tax-deductible donations to Comic Girl (Our PayPal for donations is currently info@comicgirlcoffee.com; make sure you include your details in the note section if you need us to send you a receipt). The shop will run as our fundraising arm; all proceeds from sales after expenses will go to the Charity to fund the events and programs we will offer. While we have always been and continue to be dedicated to representing queer, femme, and minority comic lead characters and creators, we have also aimed at being a safe and supportive space for all marginalized people. Our new non-profit organization will allow us to offer even more community-centric events and programs.

As far as the shop goes, very little will change. Comic Girl OG Allie Chudoba will be our Site Manager/Executive Director and will oversee and run the shop while continuing  to be one of the pillars of Comic Girl. Other Comic Girl volunteers are stepping into different roles to help us expand and grow so we can better serve the community.

Our Board of Directors is:

Kelli Baron- President/Chairperson
Adrian Fields- Secretary
Erica Wand- Treasurer
Skyler Celeste- Boardmember
Lara Americo- Boardmember

In addition to these roles, Erica will also serve as Creative Director (and Media Contact), Skyler will serve as Events Director, and Lara will serve as Director of Special Projects. Kelli and Adrian will oversee legal compliance issues.

You’ve already seen some of the new programs we’ve rolled out, and we’re adding more. Monday Open Mic Night is steadily growing, and we’re expanding Queer Safe Game Night to every Thursday. Look soon for the return of other events you’ve asked for- Queer D/s Support Group, Queer Speed Dating, expanded operating hours, and more. We will also continue to host our much-needed Holiday Drop-In events.

But the biggest new program is one we all feel is most important. Since Lara founded Comic Girl, as a queer person of color herself, It’s long been our mission to support all marginalized people, and we all see a need for more support for queer people of color. Our first official new venture under the Comic Girl Charity banner was to bring on Kayla Belle as Director of QPOC Programming. Kayla will be assembling her team and co-ordinating support groups and events *specifically for* queer people of color. She’s already got big plans, and the entire Comic Girl organization will be at her disposal to enact them.

So, if you’ve ever thought of volunteering with Comic Girl, now is the time. If you’re an existing volunteer who hasn’t been by in awhile, come see us so we can get you caught up! We need your help more than ever, because we’ve always been more than just a Coffee & Comic Shop, but now we’re REALLY more.


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