Queer City

What is Queer City Support Network?

There are several different queer-supporting organizations in the Charlotte area, with overlapping membership and missions, and we all face challenges getting our event info out there to the community. Facebook becomes more and more problematic as time goes on; corporate focused solutions like SharePoint or Outlook aren’t universal, and require effort on the user end (and support requirements on the administrative side for those users). Some require software downloads, etc etc. If we had the vectors of communication in place to get that info out, we wouldn’t be having the problem that intends to solve.

What we need is a common portal, accessible across all platforms, that requires little to no effort on the part of the end users.

That’s what this is- a common announcement portal that’s easy to use for end users and group leadership. Overhead costs at this level are literally zero. Further customization can be an option, and price would depend on which hosting package we’d need to get where we want to go, but we’re still looking at a few dollars a month. Depending on reach, that might even be covered by monetizing with Google ad revenue. The WordPress security setup allows us to setup multiple users/administrators for growth/expansion and just to make sure no one person can run away with the keys, as it were.

The concept is simple. Each “member organization” sends its event announcements to an admin of this page (easily expanded as growth demands). That event is placed in the Google calendar embedded in the site. Then, each organization treats this website as their announcements calendar. That way, ALL the orgs are pointing their people to the same spot, where they’ll find ALL the events from ALL the groups. It allows smaller niche groups to get themselves out there and work on their mission while leveraging the power of the reach of large groups. Everyone wins, because we all want to do the same thing- get our info out there to the people that need it. Using QCSN, no matter what group someone finds in the community first, they get pointed to ALL of them. We can easily share the link to the current calendar on all of our social media platforms as well as in literature and business cards. The run of handout cards or brochures that get printed at X cost at Y time stay virtually up-to-date, as they point to a static address with live content. Groups can even share costs by going in together on a print run of literature that all points to this central location and gets everyone’s message out.

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